Guide Update: Legion Titles and Achievement Guides Now Available!

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A new guide update is available (Ver. 6.1.15476) for our World of Warcraft guides that adds in all the guides for Titles and Achievement guides for Legion. These guides had been available in our beta release, but have now been fully polished and moved to the live release of the guides.

This update is available to all Zygor Elite members or customers who purchased the Legion upgrade to the standalone Titles and Achievements guides. Note: The standalone versions are bundled as Titles & Reputations, and Professions & Achievements and can be purchased inside the Members Area.

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:

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4 thoughts on “Guide Update: Legion Titles and Achievement Guides Now Available!

  1. Darrell Barricklow

    First of all I want to say I love your guides. I used Carbonite for years before I stumbled upon Zygor guides. If I were to have any issues it would be with searching items. By that I mean it is really hard to find where in the various catagories I can find a particular quest. What I wanted to do was type in the quest title in the search box and have it brought up in the guide so I can complete it.

    It is really difficult to find individual quests, or where they are, as it stands now. Maybe I’m missing something somewhere but I have tried different means to locate the quest without success.

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.

    Darrell Barricklow, a happy customer.

    1. Bryson

      DON’T apologize! I am just so freaking literal…all the freaking time, it’s exhausting! I didn’t see the humor until I went back and read it! I am the one who should be embarrassed! Love you AND your peering into nooks…RNow I AM going to put this on my business card: &#ekp0;Noo2-28ering approved since June 2012″!! xo