Major Gold Guide Update – No More In-Game Scanning!

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Since its introduction Zygor’s Gold and Professions guide has always required two sets of data in order to work: Trend Data, which is the way a realms auction house changes over time, and Pricing Data, a recent snapshot of the current prices for items on the auction house. Up until now, Trend Data has been delivered through the Zygor Guides client every few days, but Pricing Data required players to visit the Auction House in game and run a lengthy full scan anytime they wanted to use the Gold Guide. Well not anymore! We’re rolling out new changes today that will begin delivering Pricing Data through the Zygor Guides Client as well.

To use this feature, you will need to have at least one realm added to the realm list in Options under WoW Gold Guide. Afterwards, you’ll start receiving new data for your realms as soon as Blizzard makes it available to us and we’ve had time to process it, which is generally between 45 minutes to a little over an hour depending on your region. The data should be recent enough to use the Farming, Gathering, and Crafting sections (as well as the Auction House tools) without ever needing to perform a full in-game scan.

Note: You can also use the Auctions section if you’re fine with the possibility of some items being sold already when you go to buy them. For the best experience though we still recommend running a full scan before using that section.

To start using this feature, make sure you’re running the latest version of the Zygor Guides Client (Ver. 3.2.261 or higher). Since the gold data will be coming in much more frequently you’ll probably want to enable background downloads while you play, otherwise you’ll have to keep going out of game to download the new data. To do this, check on “Automatically download and install updates” in the Zygor Guides Client Options under Preferences.

It is important to note that whenever the new data is downloaded it won’t be reflected in the game until after a reload. This means that if you are playing the game when new data is downloaded, you will need to type “/reload” in the chat window and press enter before the Gold Guide will update to reflect the new data.

You may be wondering how you’ll know when the new data is available if you’re inside the game playing. For this, there are two systems in place to help inform you when it’s time to check for new data (by performing a reload). The first, and most accurate, is to enable Pricing Data notifications within the Zygor Guides client. These will be enabled by default if you set up a realm through the Client, but if you’d rather not use them you can disable them from the all new Notifications section of the client (uncheck ). Once enabled, you should start to receive system notifications whenever data is updated for a realm.

However, these notifications will only be seen if you’re running the game in Windowed or Windowed (Fullscreen) modes. As such, we have another system in place if you prefer to play in Fullscreen mode. The status bar of the Gold Guide menu, and the Auction Tools has been updated to match the new pricing data being delivered via the client. The “Last Updated” timestamp will be green when data was just updated, yellow while the data is still good to use, and red when the data becomes old and new data is likely available. When you see the time stamp turn red, you can perform a /reload to refresh and check for new data.

We’re very excited to introduce this feature and we hope that you find this a great improvement to our Gold Guide. We would love to hear your feedback over on the Gold Guide forums.

6 thoughts on “Major Gold Guide Update – No More In-Game Scanning!

  1. bob sullivan

    Has Zygor considered setting up a Commodities Market, possibly with a supporting phone app? This would probably have to be set up to operate online but outside of the WOW game environment. But, with Blizzards cooperation this could be a adjunct to the operation of the Auction House. The players could provide the interest and the WOW Auction House could provide the supporting data base.
    There should be a number of ways to monetize this Commodities Market. Possibly a partnership with Blizzard to improve the in-game economy by using a free-market to set values on commodities and to provide a secure way for players in the game to transfer their in-game gold to and from a Zygor account to use in their market speculation adventures.
    Blizzard is currently making a nice profit from their Tokens and this would increase the demand for these Tokens.
    Doesn’t this look like a opportunity for a new line of revenue for Zygor and for Blizzard as well as a fresh addition to the World Of Warcraft game?

  2. Kakos

    Is there another way to disable the Zygor Guides Client successful update notice that runs in Windowed modes? I often have to go to Wowhead, Noxxic or Icy Veins for info. Zygor, your leveling guilds are the best but you lag in the new content and if I’m not leveling I find I’m visiting Wowhead for guides and hints … Noxxic & Icy Veins for rotation – spec’s etc.

  3. Cougarkillz

    So… basically…. you’re adding in a diluted version of what TSM already does… without all the added functionality TSM gives people when it comes to auctions, and TSM does it while staying free for users…

    1. Rosencrantz

      Don’t be a douche. Zygor offers a great service. If you don’t want it, then don’t pay for it. Simple as that. But don’t come here and try to compare then with TSM. Does TSM offer leveling, achievements, dailys, dungeons/raid guides, plus the many other things Zygor offers? I think not.

      Keep up the good work Zygor.


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