New Vanity Items Added To The Blizzard Store

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Blizzard has just added a trio of vanity items to the official Blizzard Store. These are wearable headpieces that will really make your character stand out. The items  transmogrifiable items that are intended solely for cosmetic purposes.

This seems to be a further push towards more microtransactions and comes right on the hells of Blizzard’s announcement that they would be adding an in-game store to certain versions of the game. What do you think of these new items and Blizzards new direction? Let us know in the comments below.

Blizzard To Add In-Game Microtransactions To World Of Warcraft

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Blizzard has confirmed that they plan to add an in-game store to certain versions of World of Warcraft. The news comes via a blue post over on the official World of Warcraft forums in which community manager Bashiok said that they will soon allow for in-game purchases, but only in Asian regions to start with. Although no other regions have been mentioned yet, it would seem like a no brainer to make the store accessible in all versions of the game to save people the hassle of having to go out of game.

Micro-transactions aren’t exactly new to World of Warcraft, the official Blizzard store has been selling special pets and mounts for quite some time now, but the new change is said to bring forth new types of items as well, including an experience buff to assist players with the leveling process.

What do you guys think about the move towards more integrated microtransacations? Is this a good thing? Would you pay for an item that increases your xp faster? Leave a comment and let us know.

Join The Zygor Guides Beta Team

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Zygor Guides is currently looking for experienced Zygor users to become part of an all new Zygor Beta Team. As a member of this team you will get early access to new guides and features in development. We’re looking for individuals in good standing among the Zygor community with a lot of experience using Zygor Guides products.

As part of the Beta Team, you will thoroughly test out our latest products and features helping to report and troubleshoot any issues you encounter, as well as offering direct feedback as to what you like and don’t like.

This is a volunteer position so you will not be paid. However, members of the Beta Team will receive numerous benefits such as special discounts, free guides, and free guide upgrades. If you’re interested, please apply at the link below:

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