Zygor Guides Viewer Patch 7.2 Compatibility Update

by (3 weeks ago).

An update (Ver. 6.1.15594) is now available which adds compatibility support for Zygor’s Guide Viewer with Patch 7.2. We’ve also added in guides for some of the new world quests, and new pets. We are currently working to finish updating the content we were unable to complete in PTR and will send out another update as soon as this is done (aiming for this week).

How To Update Your Guides:
Here are detailed instructions explaining how to update your guides:



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9 thoughts on “Zygor Guides Viewer Patch 7.2 Compatibility Update

      1. Jaskra

        Pretty sure that’s the one they’re referring to; that’ll be updated later this week. Not everything is available on PTR. Currently questing the old-fashioned way. Been using Zygor for a while; crazy quality-of-life difference in game play. You don’t realize how reliant you’ve become till it’s not available lol.

  1. Tony Crossley

    Thanks for the updates. My wife and I count on Zygor to always point us in the right direction. We were kinda lost yesterday, always wondering if we were on the right quest path..