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    i am now 175 but and it tells me to go to Ungoro Crater but i need to be 200 to mine any ting here what shal i do?
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    You should be able to find Mithril Deposits in there that you can mine and then at 200 you can start hitting the Thorium. If all you're finding is Thorium then it's just a bit of bad luck. Your best bet since you're in Ungoro would be to hit up Thousand Needles as that place is loaded with Mithril and can get you to 200 pretty quick, especially if you have a flying mount.
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    This is STILL an issue - It jumps from and says:

    Mining 125-275
    Skipping next part of farming.
    Proceeding to farm.

    Then Hearth to Trade... etc

    This is very annoying because you have to travel so far to get the ore etc, and never get just the right amount.

    parts 16, 17, 18 and 19 are affected

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    had the same problem.

    and Ungoro crater seems to have nothing but thorium.. thousand needles doesn't have that much mithril, but it's better than flying for hours

    Another site seems to think that Felwood is very good for Mithril, and it's close to Winterspring for Thorium as the next step. I'm going to try that and compare the two.

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