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    Consortium - missing quests

    There seems to be several quests missing including a small chain that allows the farming of additional rep items.

    Stormspire quests
    Zephyron and Net Stalker Nauthis

    Fel Reavers: No Thanks - 250 rep
    The Best Defense - 250
    Minions of Culuthas - 250
    Teleport this! - 350
    Surveying the Ruins - 250

    Commander Ameer
    Several thousand in rep. Chain will allow the collection of Ethereum Prison Keys which are turned into Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag. These are another repeatable quest that gives 250 rep per turn in.

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    Added to the bug list. This probably affects both faction guides.
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    There are more quests associated with Ameer including another repeatable. If you can make heads or tails of this flowchart it will help explain it all.

    Not mine! It was posted on Wowhead.

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