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    The perfect guide for married couples who enjoy sharing time together playing WoW!

    Hey all, my story begins about two years ago when I first purchased my alliance leveling guide shortly after picking up my copy of WoW. At first my wife said that I was childish to play a silly game, but shortly after she saw how much fun I was having playing the game and leveling consistently, she created her character! Much to my surprise, I found that I had to soon buy her a desktop computer so that I could get back to leveling my characters since the hostile take over of my laptop had occured.

    Within 8 days of in game time we had both reached level 70 and started getting further interested in making more characters with different races. Zygor has helped us find something in common that we can both enjoy spending time together using, and maximizing our gameplay experiences.

    What you'll find:
    Easy to use UI (user interface).
    Detailed quest objective and navigation (arrow included!)
    Eliminates un-needed quests to ensure the fastest leveling techniques
    Frequent client updates! With the ever changing universe that is of World of Warcraft, it is finally nice to have Zygor offer us with consistent client updates.
    Zygor forums offers you a convenient place to report bug issues and to make suggestions! So feel free to register for your free forum account!

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    December 16th, 2008
    I can't agree with you more. This testimonial is exactly like mine.
    Except instead of marriage, I was leveling with my old father, who was completely new to the game!
    I remember the first day, he was running into bushes saying. "Why can I use my sword to chop this fence down!" haha, good times.
    Where now doing professions together. Instead of going all the way out to the lake, we go to the Stormwind bay and fish, and communicate over vent. Your guys' product has definitely made the relationship with my dad stronger.

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