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    Level 85 in 4 Days and 8 Hours.

    Whatsup guys so this is my second 85 with zygors guide and my original time was 5 days and 21 hours on my warlock. But I beat my personal best with 4 days and 8 hours!

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    Small problem with your image attachment there.

    Either way... Congo rats!!!

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    Gratz! man thats awsome did u do it by doing dungeons on the side? or just all out questing

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    Mostly questing I did a few dungeons but not much I felt it kinda started slowing me down towards the high 60's.

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    Reuploaded the image, sorry about that.
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    I feel that doing 1 dungeon per 2 levels is good because you can complete all the dungeon quests which is major exp.

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