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    Noble Garden and general bugs

    Latest guide version 3.3.3708.

    Noble Garden Achievements step 30: Spring Flowers/ Shake Your Bunny Maker.

    For some reason Undead flagged up when I hit a troll, and then Troll refused to flag as complete when I eventually hit one until I had clicked on Mark as Complete.
    All others seem to work properly.

    General issue (this applies to other guides too, I believe it is a general issue) :

    If something is Marked as Complete, and it shouldn't be, right clicking on the wording (highlighted green), does NOT then untick it and mark it as incomplete, regardless of which mouse button or Shift, ctrl or Alt combo I use.

    Other wise I found this guide excellent to use and it allowed me to do most of the event in the one evening.

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    We are aware of the bug with the Noblegarden achievements and working on a fix for them. If an item is marked as completed when it shouldn't be that is an indication that there is a bug in the guide. Normally there is no reason to un-complete something so that is why there isn't that option.
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    same problem in the alliance version

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