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    Speed Gold Run Guide

    I'm using the "With ATG"

    Step 68
    Talk to: Fringe Engineer Tezzla
    Accept: Riding the Wavelength: The Bombardment

    The quest is no more.

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    Will add this to the bug list.
    My Flight Path Follies guide

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    Unhappy Static Shock Troops: the Bombardment Removed by Blizzard and not available

    The "Static Shock Troops: the Bombardment" has been deleted and no longer available. This is in the Dailies, Northren, Speed Gold Runs, Level 80 Dailies Speed Gold Runs (No ATG Dailies) and is Step 49. I found the informatiion on Thottbot of this quest no longer available and obsolete. May confuse others that use guide so please remove.

    Cabby edit: This is the Alliance version of the first post Horde quest.

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