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Thread: release date

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    November 16th, 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by playwow79 View Post
    I buyed this guide at December, now I feel scammed. The beta we have is very poor.
    What do you find poor about the dungeon guide preview? So far there have been little to no reports of anything being wrong with it.

    Are the team working on the diablo guide (that one sold incomplete too) and the dungeon guide is not a priority at moment?
    We are working on the Diablo guide but the Dungeon Guide remains a priority as well. The guide content for the Dungeon guide is finished and most of it has already been released. Right now we're just waiting on some new features we're adding to the guide addon to make the gear guide better.

    I am rather curious about the release date as well. Would really like to have the full working guide. It seems like by the time this gets released we will have to pay for the MoP upgrade...
    There will be no MOP upgrade for the Dungeon and Gear guides. This will be a free update for everyone who pre-ordered the guide.
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    Cabby, seems you're right brother. I still recall reading somewhere that MoP was supposed to be the last one. Wish I could remember where I read that though. Anyhow, just found a very recent article here, that further proves that you're correct.

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    @dulak: I am a bit angry for the long delay and because we don't get any official new about the release so probably I was someway unpleasant in my latest posts. I know it is late for a refund, some words I used were just provocative. I suppose the others forum users understood that. At least there was an answer from the developing team, althougt whitout any new about the release.
    Still I don't like having not the finished product I paid for after 6 months while they released another guide. I think it would be fair to customers supporting Zygor guides from some year finish what they paid for and later sell a new guide. Do you think I am wrong feeling that way and complain? If so you are the nuts one.
    The comparison of the pizza is a nuts one too. If you order a pizza you get it very soon, you eat it, then you become happy and don't complain at all. We don't have the guide we paid for after 6 months, that's different.
    You are wrong talking about diablo 3 too because blizz open the pre-sell after there were a release date.
    I'd say you said some bullshits, but I like you too much to say that

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    @Zygor: thanks for confirm that the dungeon guide is still a priority and that there will be not an upgrade for MOP.
    But please finish the guide soon. It is a long waiting time now.

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    I wasn't wrong about D3, a few years after the LOD release for D2, Blizz shut down the group that was working on D3 and said it wasn't going to be released. And I do agree that the pizza comparison was a pretty bad one but you got my meaning and that was the point.

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    I agree playwow79. I am glad that the guide is a priority and I believe that @zygor saying that there will not be a charge for Mop upgrade is a nice gesture and some form of compansation for our pataince and support.

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    It certainly needs work. The Gear guide does nothing at all except take you to your charcter which you can by simply pushing the C key. The dugeon guide is not bad but it has bits which say "goto to this point" but does not say where that point is. The guide arrow does not work in the dugeon and the point that should show up doesn't.

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    @Zygor Support 2 - Thanks for the heads up about the free update. I am really excited about the gear guide because I am converting an enhancement shaman to elemental and trying to figure out what to do to get gear for it has been a pain. Keep up the great work.

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    There has been much going on here and at Blizzard: Namely coding for multiple guides here and the launch and maintenance of D3 in the past month at Blizzard. As for me, WoW is on the back burner for now thanks to D3. Rest assured, I will be back once things are settled to a reasonable point.

    The guides will be done at some point. The moral of this post: Patience, young grasshopper (or padawan). No one can play 2 games at one time on one computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wowvern View Post
    No one can play 2 games at one time on one computer.
    I'm sure my son would do his best to try to prove you wrong on that one.
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