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    Zygor Legion

    I'm an many year active player of WoW, ESO, Archeage, Wildstar, StarCraft, Diablo3 and many more. I just cancel my elite sub, a moment ago. Since 2008 I have supported Zygor by paid for all full guides to all games, until Legion, and have been sub almost a half year now. So I guess I do have used Zygor guides for a long time now. Not to mention I have been a big Zygor fan since 2008.

    For new world of warcraft players I do recommmand Zygor guides, the guides will help you a long way. Save you much time you otherwise probaly would have wasted. Its a big world to get lost in. But keep in mind that everything you use in Zygor can be changed over day without any notice. I do not recommand Zygor to old users that already have rep, mounts and pets. Mainly it's for new wow players that dont know where to get stuff done. And Zygor is your personal guide, with an arrow show you the way around the block. And get things done swiftly.

    Leveling. loremaster:
    I can't say that I recommand it on any legion content, but all previous expension, you will love the quest flying by in a logic order. That's really a time saver.

    Dailie, Event:
    Again.. on all content previous to legion, it's a time saver. Events is very recommanded.

    Gold guide, profession:
    It's nice when the profession guides works. I personal always have to adjust it to work. Also there is alot of profession questlines in legion. But as the guide was not done at the time I did my professions. I have used the ingame quest indicator insted. And it served me very wll.
    The gold guide I say is over rated. I personal know what each item is worth in game, and its easy for player to set items on AH on high prices, and through that, make the gold addon show you wrong data. It does have option to take all your mail and items in the mail as well. Very usefull.

    Title, achievement.
    There is lots of content missing in achievements, also in the older stuff. They never compleated them after all. To busy with other things. You will get messages telling you to use other guides to compleate some of the stuff here. I personal was not using this part much, because of the missing content. Wowhead was my best friend here.

    Dungeon and gears.
    Gear guide are ok when it works. It need updates when new stuff is added. When it works you have the options to tell what item is better that the one you have on. Heirloom can me ignored when they're activly used. Dungeon guides is very helpful in all expension. It's nice to get into a new dungeon and know what is going to happen, some groups is storming forward with 110 km an hour.

    Pets, Mounts:
    The mount guides is good, but the petbattle guides is missing all parts. Petbattle tips is telling you what class you should counterpart the perts. Like mechanic against beasts. But not a helpful guide to help you with real strategy you as a new user would espect.

    Keep in mind that the game keep changing, and not all part of the game is seen before and error happen. So Zygor need you to repport errors to keep the older guides up2date.

    Since Legion everything have changed with ZGV. Alot of guides and features in ZGV that I did pay for in full version was removed without notice. Made me real sad, that Zygor didn't care to ask us the users.

    Same goes for the leveling guides. They were not compleated from Legion start, so I got them after I was 110, same goes for dailies and rep.

    Macroguides is gone, model viewer is gone. Lot of features is gone with legion like font size, and auto accept/turnin all quest. Also the ability to add your own guides because they messed up the ZGV code when implanted the elite subs. Some may come back some day. After looking in the code I have to say. If you can't code, pay someone to do the job flawlessly. Of cause you can update and maintain an older version of ZGV yourself, but its really not what you pay you subs for.

    Each month elites get 5 point. We can use them in member section, to vote on new guides or improvements. I used mine to try get the macro guide back I already paid for. Since Zygor is busy with other guides, that vote section is not much other that a waiting station to keep the user stand by. Also since first in december the points was not reset to vote anymore.

    Now half into legion expension Zygor is still working to compleate the last guides. and have not compleatede all the legion guides yet. After buying all Zygor guides before legion I had to sub with legion. Zygor made subs cheap and buying the guides very expensive. A way to force all to the new sub system. I did not like that at all. Been sub almost half year now.

    ZGV is really terrible since legion. All people I know that used Zygor before legion, did the quest and rep before the guides were ready. So they dont need Zygor as well. Zygor is not faster anymore, its not done yet 6 month after Legion release.

    From 2008-14 Zygor had something good going on. But lost the good service. Zygor don't listen to the users one bit, and sadly Zygor dont seem to care. The quality is long gone, but.. I injoyed the good times in the past. Back in the days, ZGV really was superior. For that time I thank you all on Zygor team.


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