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    Gear Suggestion doesn't see unique-equipped items

    Today I got a second trinket which is unique-equipped and lower iLvl than the one I have on me, but my other trinket is with even lower iLvl and lower stats. The Gear Suggestion suggested I replace the worse trinket I have, but it can't equip it because I have the same unique-equipped trinket in the other slot. The system should scan for unique-equipped items.

    The item in this case is Spellbinder's Seal

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    Can you please post screen shots of the 3 items involved. We need to know the items and stats for both worn trinkets at the time and the stats for the new Spellbinder's that you received.
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    I cannot do that because I already sold the item yesterday. But I can give you rough stats on the one I sold.

    The Unique-Equpped item I have on me

    The trinket the guide wanted to replace

    And the item I obtained was like the first trinket, but 5 item levels lower and with haste and versatility. Yes, it was an upgrade to the second trinket, BUT it can't be equipped because it's unique-equipped and I have the first trinket already on me.

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