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    Argus Campaign step 214

    Good afternoon everyone,

    For the past days I've been stuck on Argus Campaign guide step 214, which says that I should Accept "Reinforce the Veiled Den". This step also includes a note that says "You will only be able to accept one of these quests. You must wait until the next daily reset to accep the other one."

    Which other one? The guide doesn't seem to indicate. Do the Invasion Point offensive's need to be completed? That's all I can think of.

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    Normally when it's a step like that and it's only showing one quest that means that the other one is hidden because the game server is reporting that quest as having been completed. The quests for this step are breadcrumb quests designed to help get you to one of the 2 camps. If you've already completed the Sizing UP The Opposition quest from one of the camps then you can safely skip this step as you probably won't be able to get either breadcrumb quest anymore.
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