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    Hunter Order Hall Guide

    I completed Hunter Order Hall 7.0 and opened Hunter Order Hall 7.2. The first step tells me to go see Kadghar on Broken Isle for a quest. He's there but has no quest nor any way to communicate with him. What can I be missing?

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    Run the Broken Shore Campaign guide first until you hit a spot where you can't accept the next quest. Then you can go back to the 7.2 Order Hall guide to get that started. Then when you can't accept a quest go back to Broken Shore guide. Rinse and repeat to get thru the guides.
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    I have this exact same problem on my mage. Trying to complete Champions of Legion Fall. The broken Shore guide tells me to accept Shard Times from Khadgar on the broken shore but he doesn't have it. When I find the champions of legion fall guide it tells me to go get Delivering Lost Knowledge from Khadgar on the broken shore wich he also doesn't have??? I am ok with the need to swap guides but there should be some kind of trigger that tells us when we need to swap. Any Thoughts

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