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    February 6th, 2017


    The AH scan is locking up my entire computer at about 96%. I have tried disabling all addons, clearing the cache, and putting the scan intensity at low. Any ideas would be appreciated on fixing this.

    Edit: Well, I fixed it and it was way more simple than it should have been. After more than an hour of following old posts of advice I did this;
    My problem was when I was opening the AH GUI it was opening at the "Sell" tab and scanning almost to the end and locking up my computer. After I restarted my computer again and ran the game, I opened the AH and simply clicked "Browse" instead of leaving it on "Sell" and it worked great.
    I do not know why it has started doing this, because I have always opened the AH to the Sell tab. Now it doesn't work! Anyway, If this helps any other dummies like me, I guess it was worth my hour or two of frustration.
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