Profession & Achievement Guides

Master Your Craft Quickly

Your Zygor Professions Guides will walk you step-by-step on what recipes to learn and how many items to create, as well as what materials you need and how to collect them.

You'll especially find this useful if you have alt characters, who all need professions of their very own. With your Professions guides, you'll save loads of time not having to research all this information yourself!

Make Money, No Gimmicks

You've likely seen other "get rich quick" schemes for World of Warcraft, which promise to make you outrageous amounts of gold with no effort at all. Unfortunately, those are all pipe dreams and, insted, you get outdated gold making strategies or strategies that sound good in theory, but don't really provide the results you're looking for.

With you Zygor Professions Guides, you'll utilize an exact method of gold-making Blizzard intended for the game, as opposed to disappointing gimmicks.

The Choice is Yours.

Your Zygor Professions Guides are unique in the way that you are given the option to either purchase your profession recipe materials from the in-game Auction House, or farm the items using optimized gathering paths and locations.

Even if you've already started leveling your profession prior to using Zygor, have no fear. You can jump right in and your guide will place you exactly where you should start.

Become an Overachiever

Achievements are fun to get but some of them can be extremely time consuming, but with your Zygor Achievements Guides, you can cut down on the time it takes, avoid frustration, and have more fun in the process!

Just like all our other guides, all the work is done for you and laid out in the best way to get it done quickly - saving you hours upon hours of time researching this information yourself.

Earn Your Bragging Rights

If you've ever ventured into a major city in World of Warcraft, you've probably realized by now that bragging and Warcraft go hand in hand - as players, it's just in our nature. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and your Zygor Achievements Guides will allow you to do that.

You'll gain the most illustrious titles, rarest of items, and most sought after pets and mounts the game has to offer. Show off your accomplishments of to the world with pride and become the envy of all your friend!

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