Stop The Burning Legion With Zygor By Your Side

The Burning Legion has returned and are trying to bring back their dark leader Sargeras. On August 30th, you, along with thousands of other players, will be able to venture forth into the Broken Isle and harness the power of ancient artifact weapons in order to stop this oncoming threat.

This new expansion promises to offer an unprecedented level of freedom as monsters scale to your character's level, allowing you to complete zones in any order you want.

Zygor Guides will be launching new updates for all of our guide types in time for the August 30th release date.

Planned updates include:

Leveling & Loremaster

(Available August 30th1)

  • Starter Guide for the all new Demon Hunter class
  • Full 100 - 110 Power Leveling Guides
  • Complete walkthroughs for all 5 new zones
  • Artifact and Class Hall Guides Guides for all 12 classes
  • Loremaster of Legion Guide

Dungeons & Gear

(Available August 30th1)

  • 9 new Dungeon Guides
  • 2 new raid guides
  • Gear Finder updated with hundreds of new gear and equipment

Dailies & Reputation

(Available August 30th1)

  • Pre-Legion Launch Event
  • Suramar End Game Guide
  • World Quests Guides
  • All new guides for gaining reputation with new factions.

Gold & Professions

(Expected Q3/Q4)

  • Updated Profession Leveling Guides for the new skill cap of 800
  • Farming, Gathering, Crafting, Auctions updated with all new items

Pets & Mounts

(Available August 30th1)

  • New Hunter and Battle Pet Guides
  • New Mount Guides

Titles & Achievements

(Available August 30th1)

  • New Titles Guides
  • New Achievements Guides

and future content added in the Legion expansion cycle.

1. Some content may not be available on August 30th but will be added to the guides over time. Generally this is because we had limited access to the content in the Legion beta, or the content hadn't been added to the game yet. We expect all guide updates to be complete by Q4.

You have two ways to pre-order:

Sign Up for Elite

Sign up for Zygor Elite or upgrade your existing basic account to Elite status and be ready when Legion arrives on August 30th1.

Recommended plan:

6 months - $45.99/$29.94
(with Loyalty Rate)2
Monthly and yearly plans available as well.

Ready for Legion.
With the 6 month plan you'll have access to our entire guide suite from now until next year. This means you can start using the guides today, and then on August 30th, when Legion is released, we'll send out a huge update that you'll be able download and continue your adventures with through until next year. No extra costs or upgrade fees required.

2. The Loyalty Rate is only offered to customers who purchased a standalone guide before December 10th, 2015. Note that this reduced rate will no longer be offered after September 30th. You will need to sign up for Elite before then to lock in the discounted rate. After September 30th the price for Elite for all members will be changed to the normal retail value of $7.99 per month.
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Purchase standalone upgrades

Existing members, who purchased standalone guides before December 10th, 2015, have the option to purchase standalone one time fee upgrades for their guides.