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Frequently Asked Questions

cata Cataclysm

Will you be releasing new guides that cover the new Cataclysm content?

Of course. We have rewritten our classic 1-80 guides from scratch and have expanded them to cover levels 80-85. We have also added in two new starter guides for the Goblin and the Worgen.

If I buy a guide now will it include updates for Cataclysm?

Yes, if you purchase a leveling or dailies guide today you will be totally covered for all Cataclysm content. You will be able to use our current guides until Cataclysm is released and then you will be able to update them to the full 1-85 changes free of charge.

What if I bought the guide just a couple months ago. Do I still have pay for an upgrade?

If you bought the guide on or after October 7th then you are eligible to receive our new Cataclysm guide expansion for free. If you purchased before October 7th you will be required to upgrade your current guides for a small fee.

What do I need to do to make sure my guides are ready for Cataclysm? *

We recommend that you pre-order your copy of Zygor's Cataclysm Leveling Guide now. Not only will you pay less than if you upgrade after Cataclysm is released but you will save yourself the hassle of updating your guides later. While we have taken every precaution to ensure our servers will be ready for December 7th, we to be bombarded with traffic and the site may run slower than usual. This is another reason why pre-ordering your guides now is a smart idea.

If I pre-order Zygor's Cataclysm Guide will I receieve the bonus materials that are offered during the official product launch?

Our Cataclysm guides are available now for pre-order and will be official launched towards the official release of Cataclysm. We will be including special bonuses for the first 1000 customers who purchase our guide or guide upgrades. If you pre-order your guides now you will be guarenteed a copy of any bonus guides we offer.

How much will it cost me to upgrade my current leveling guides for Cataclysm.

The 80-85 Cataclysm upgrade costs $20.00 for single faction guide (Alliance OR Horde) and $30.00 for both faction guides (Alliance AND Horde. This is a special pre-order rate and may increase after December 7th. Make sure to pre-order to lock in these savings.



Is this legal? Will my account get banned for using this guide?

Zygor Guides has been in business for over 3 years and not 1 customer has ever had their account banned for using our products. Some people are confused over how this is possible given Blizzards rules and policies which forbid the sale of addons. Zygor Guides is not in the addon selling business. We're in the guide selling business. The addons we create are available for free via our trial downloads. When a customer buys our guide they are not given a premium version of our addons. Instead, they are given access to our leveling guide in text format (ebook) which can then plug directly into our free addons. This seperation allows us to sell our digital guides and keep Blizzard happy.

Will this get my account hacked?

Our digital products are distributed using our custom Zygor Client. This tool allows you to easily install your products and keep them updated with a few simple clicks. Our client is completely safe and free of malware or keyloggers. No one has ever been hacked by using our client. That said, hacking is a real problem in the World of Warcraft community and we recommend various tips to ensure our customers accounts remain safe.

See our Hacker Prevention Guide

I've been leveling my character without a guide for a while. Will the guide work for me or will I have to start all over?

Our guide features a revolutionary feature called the Smart Injection System (SIS). This powerful tool looks at your entire questing history and scans through the guide to find the best place for you to start. If a quest must be unlocked with earlier quests, the SIS feature will walk you through the quest chain to unlock the quest. This feature is exclusive to Zygor Guides.

Do the guides work with all classes and races?


Are your guides kept up to date when new patches are released?

You bet. We have a full team of dedicated testers and bug fixers who not only keep the guide updated but continually check for errors and respond to feedback from our customers to maintain the high level of quality expected from Zygor Guides year round.

Do your guides work on all operating systems?

Addons in general work on any operating system that can run World of Warcraft. The Zygor Client, which is required to download our guides, works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 bit), and Mac OSX.



How can I change my username and password?

The option to change your username and password is found inside the Members Area under Manage Account.

How can I change the email on my account?

You will need to forward your Clickbank sales receipt to our technical support department and explain what you would like the email changed to. You can do this by using our contact page. If you no longer have access to your Clickbank sales receipt, you can recover it using this form: http://www.clickbank.com/txnLookup.htm