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Venture into the Shadowlands with Zygor at your side!


Blizzard Entertainment has announced the eighth expansion for World of Warcraft, called Shadowlands, and for the first time you’ll be able to travel beyond the world of the living to the realm of the dead. Once there, you'll be able to venture through five new expansive zones, align yourself with one of four covenants, and unlock new rewards, gear, and collectibles.

In addition to all of that, the game will receive it's first ever "level squish" that will introduce a revamped 1-60 experience.

All these new additions are sure to be exciting, but also daunting. Luckily, there's no need to worry with Zygor at your side. Our entire lineup of guides will be fully updated to support Shadowlands and you can read all about our planned updates below:

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Coming November 23rd/24th!

Key Content Updates

Exiles Reach

New 1-10 Starter Zone Guide: Exiles Reach

An all new guide will be added for the shared starter area of Exiles Reach.

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Blizzard is redesigning the flow of progression for new players. Now every character will begin their journey in the same starter zone called Exiles Reach, and you’ll be able to enjoy an all new guide for it in Zygor’s Guides for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Updated 10-50 Leveling Guides

All past expansion guides will be updated to reflect the new 10-50 leveling experience.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will introduce the first ever level "squish", which will make the level cap for all players level 60 again. With this change comes a new way to level from 1-50. Blizzard wants players to enjoy the rich storylines of the game without having to jump ahead to a new area mid-story. All of our former guides will be updated as needed to reflect any changes to the questlines that come with this change.

50-60 Leveling Guides

We will be adding power leveling guides for all 5 of the huge new zones: Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, and the Maw.

Covenant Campaign

While adventuring through the Shadowlands you’ll be able to align yourself with one of four different covenants:
Kyrian, Venthyr, Night Fae, or Necrolord.

Our guides will walk you through all of the unique covenant quests and campaign, so you can earn new abilities, a special mount, and gear to give your character a unique appearance.

Dungeons and Gear

Castle Nathria

New dungeon and raid guides.

8 new dungeons guides added:
The Necrotic Wake, Plaguefall, Mists of Tirna Scithe, and Halls of Atonement
Spires of Ascension, Theater of Pain, The Other Side, and Sanguine Depths and 1 new raid guide: Castle Nathria

Level up with dungeon guides.

Our guides will cover the 4 new leveling dungeons of The Necrotic Wake, Plaguefall, Mists of Tirna Scithe, and Halls of Atonement, as well as the 4 end game dungeons, Spires of Ascension, Theater of Pain, The Other Side, and Sanguine Depths.

Gear Finder updates.

The Gear Finder will be fully updated to support all the new weapons and armor found in these new dungeons so you can easily find the best upgrades for your characters.

Additional Content Updates

Dailies and Reputations

It is unknown whether there will be any dailies or world quests in Shadowlands, but if they are added we will update the guides accordingly.

Gold and Professions

We expect there will be updates to all the professions and loads of new items added to the game. We will have skill up leveling guides for professions and the gold guide will be updated to recommend the best new Shadowlands items to buy and trade.

Note: This update will come after Shadowlands launches due to the unstable Auction House market conditions in beta.

Pets and Mounts

The guides will be updated with any new pets or mounts added to the game in Shadowlands.

Titles and Achievements

The guides will be updated with any new titles and achievements added to the game in Shadowlands.

Zygor Guide Viewer 8.0

Coinciding with the launch of Shadowlands we will be releasing an all new version of our addon: Zygor Guide Viewer 8.0. This new version will see a number of new features and improvements to enhance your Shadowlands guide experience.

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