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Take Flight With Zygor
In The Dragon Isles!

Coming 11.28.2022

Zygor Guides for WoW: Dragonflight

As part of Zygor Elite, we'll have a new suite of guides ready on DAY ONE that covers every major area of the new Dragonflight expansion.

Our new Leveling Guides will walk you through hitting the new level cap of 70. Our Starter Guides will be updated to support the new race Dracthyr race and Evoker class. There will also be updates to our Dungeons and Dailies guides as well.

In addition to all of this you can also expect the next major version of the Zygor Guides Viewer packed with new features and improvements.

Day One Content

Exiles Reach

Dracthyr Evoker Starter Guides

Dragonflight introduces a new Dragon themed race called the Dracthyr. You can expect a new Starter Guide for their starting zone of the Forbidden Reach and all the guides will eventually be updated to support their exclusive Evoker class.

New 60-70 Leveling Guides

You'll be able to explore four new zone across the Dragon Isles to level your characters to the new level cap of 70. We'll have full 60-70 Leveling Guides ready on Day One to take you through all the new quests using a fast and optimized path so you can get all your characters leveled up quickly and easily.

Updated For Talent Revamp

One of the major improvements Blizzard is implementing in Dragonflight is a Talent System revamp meant to make talents meaningful again. Our Talent Advisor system will be updated to make sure you know where to spend your talent points for the most effective questing and leveling.

Additional Featured Content

New Dungeon and Raid Guides

Eight new Dungeons and one new raid has been announced for the expansion and we’ll be updating our guides with new strategies and tactical maps to make you the best dungeon leader or support you can be.

Additional Guide Updates

All our other guides including Dailies, Professions, Gold, Reputations, Achievements, and more are expected to receive updates as well to reflect all the new content added for each of these guide types.

Major Version Update For Zygor Guide Viewer

As with all new expansions we’ll also be shipping a brand new version of our Guide Viewer and we have big plans for this update which will be heavily focused on allowing you to create a Zygor experience tailored suited to your own needs.

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