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  35. Mana-Tombs
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  40. DK Frost Spec
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  42. Reporting Bugs and Errors
  43. Warlords Expansion
  44. Errr WTH?
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  61. take it back
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  65. Pristine Plumage
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  69. As some of the others have said
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  97. Temple and Ruins of AQ
  98. Gear Upgrade rating/weights, Pawn and similar addons, and conflicting suggestions?
  99. Legendary Items
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  102. Dungeon guides not loading.
  103. [Auto-Equip] Search bank when bank window is open
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  108. Disable all gear suggestions
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  111. ZG suggests downgrade
  112. Where is the darkheart thicket dungeon guide?
  113. Got an upgrade, ZG was quiet.
  114. I'm not going to say it but...
  115. Gear Guide
  116. Gear Guide Suggestion
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  118. Item is a complete downgrade... Still wants to equip it
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  120. Lower Return to Karazhan - dungeon is fixed, guide needs update
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  124. Something is off with the Gear replacement bot
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  129. Error
  130. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
  131. Rogue Outlaw
  132. Arrow not popping up?
  133. Ant trails in BfA Dungeons
  134. Siming all class's and spec's, holy molly.
  135. Gear Guide LFR
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  138. Dungeon Guides not Appearing or Showing BFA
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  140. How Reliable
  141. Classic Gear Finder
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  143. Iteam-GearFinder.lua
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  146. Gear Finder
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  148. GEM Sockets
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  156. Dragonwrath
  157. Item Upgrade Suggestions
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