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  1. Awesome game
  2. When?
  3. Testers?
  4. Other Guides?
  5. Ahoys.
  6. I wish there was a leveling guide for eso ready for early access
  7. Woohoo I won
  8. Diablo/ESO
  9. Build guide?
  10. How much is zygor eso all 3 factions guides bundled together cost?
  11. VR content and relation to guides
  12. Really $75 for bundle! No early bird special?
  13. I'm a completionist...
  14. When will you send me a emaill for the 2 hours early zygor guide eso access?
  15. When is the zygor eso guide early access email since the eso usa servers is up
  16. When will the zygor members area going to be up?
  17. Fatal error when i click the download link
  18. I just bought the zygor eso guide bundle I hope I am good to go
  19. I just downloaded the zygor eso guide file and it is not working in game
  20. Fail!
  21. UI Errror
  22. Diabllo 3 Voucher
  23. I keep getting a ui error with eso zygor guides
  24. No Text Blank UI
  25. Most steps are ?quest? or nil
  26. Guides not parsed
  27. Conflict with Research Assistant Addon
  28. Quest Guide Bugs
  29. A work in progress. Just a heads up.
  30. Who's nil?
  31. How do I get the client to stop auto launching WoW for Zygor?
  32. ESO spinning waypoint arrow
  33. catchin the guide up to where i am
  34. lost guide
  35. is it worth it
  36. Directions?
  37. Localization problem
  38. Underleveled
  39. The green arrow is moving in a circle on the eso zygor guide
  40. Leveling by steps mismatch
  41. Are the faction guides based on race?
  42. Aldmeri Dominion Guide
  43. Aldmeri Dominion Bug
  44. Paid 30 dollars for a unfinished product
  45. Waypoints are WAYYYY off.
  46. Smart Injection
  47. Changelog?
  48. Some ETA for Aldmeri update?
  49. Skill Points?
  50. Map filled with house icons
  51. how do I add the trial versions of the other two alliances?
  52. Unable to determain stage of quest
  53. Having Problems With Zygor's Elder Scrolls Online Guides? Start Here For Help
  54. Stuck
  55. Please consider adding the sky shards to the guide
  56. Getting system messages in chat everytime a quest completes
  57. Hilans Invitation (Stonefalls 6-16) 72. I can't recvive any quest from hilan
  58. trouble with install
  59. Skill Point Allocation
  60. Can't continue past lvl 6
  61. "You're now ready to proceed..." Doesn't go away.
  62. Experimental Zygor Guides Client
  63. Get this error spammed...
  64. BUG - Addon Client
  65. BUG - (Auridon 7-15) step 36
  66. Experimental Client for ESO
  67. BUG: Auridon step 526 (Enter Tribunal's Spear)
  68. experimental Zygor Guides Client problem
  69. Client Problem - Tries to find wrong folder
  70. Elder scrolls zygor guide client isent a client its a folder
  71. Dont buy this crap Eso guide is complete crap even though its just in beta
  72. Bugg
  73. Zygor eso guides are amazing i was an idot at first but there pretty damn good
  74. Does zygor steal your account? For Eso
  75. I think elder scrolls online was hacked there whole company
  76. Help
  77. Auto Install Does not work on Mac and PC
  78. Will there be crafting and skill guides addons for eso?
  79. How do you reload the guide to where you should be at?
  80. [Bug]Wrong Coords
  81. Is there any way I can get my money back on the eso leveling guide bundle?
  82. World of Warcraft is more easy for me to play than eso is?
  83. Zygor Text in Chat window
  84. Any NEWS for the EU members
  85. Query: Glenumbra Guide Step 349 (Legacy of baelborne Rock)
  86. Manually moving to the next step
  87. Experimental Client Problem
  88. Error after patch
  89. "Find Merric and Aelif", missing NPC
  90. I have the problem
  91. Guide will not update
  92. [Client] A Guide is Waiting to be installed? [FIXED]
  93. Only seeing two guides - wrong faction showing
  94. Main story line
  95. Leveling up
  96. After 1-50
  97. zygor not showing up??
  98. Updater problem
  99. ESO Leveling guide issues
  100. Ebonheart, Stonefalls (6-16), Step 411
  101. Stuck on guides
  102. Where is my guide?
  103. Greenshade Errors.
  104. My Arrow is missing
  105. Where in the Hell is Irien???
  106. Wrong install directory on Mac
  107. Profession or gold
  108. eso first expansion end of april..nice
  109. Guide missing from add ons in game
  110. Hiding guide
  111. ESO Leveling guide problem
  112. Bug Reporting
  113. Suggestion for manual progression of steps
  114. Skyshards included in leveling guide?
  115. Guide not updating my quest
  116. Zygor skipping ahead.
  117. First quest giver missing? Irien where are you?
  118. Bug (or typo): Step 638 (grahtwood(15-25) Aldmeri Dominion
  119. Guide Problem and I need Help!
  120. Deeshan ()16-24) Main Quest issue
  121. Deeshan (16-24) - Step 302
  122. Speed of the leveling
  123. Shadowfen (24-30)
  124. Elder Scroll Updates
  125. Quick Question about shadowfen
  126. Greenshade
  127. Future steps already complete...
  128. im lvl 12 is there a way to advance the guide to where im at now?
  129. My arrow not updating
  130. This entire addon is broken for me
  131. Unable to Detect or Create the zygor directory.
  132. Unable to use the updater for ESO
  133. Levels are off
  134. Thoughts after using the guide (AD) for a while
  135. sot seeing any text in zygor addon
  136. Shadowfen (24-30) problems
  137. (Feedback) Fighter and Mage Guild Quests.
  138. Ebonheart, Stonefalls (6-16), Step 798, stuck.
  139. Greendhade 22-30
  140. Question with Map points.
  141. ERROR: Couldn't load saved config / quest history
  142. Downloading Required Libraries?
  143. Problems with the guide
  144. Wrong install directory for Mac
  145. Shadowfen: Steps 100 - 200
  146. Missing Quests in Deshaan
  147. Aldermi Dominion quest - Grahtwood (15-25) - Enter Prowler Deck, quest not possible?
  148. Issue with character location in Reaper's March
  149. Quest box vanishes when i press M or alt
  150. A method to get guides working past 50 for everyone.
  151. How do I reset the Guide?
  152. Malabar Tor - step 248
  153. guide not saving position
  154. The group Dungeons i.e. Del's Claim etc
  155. Bug report for the guide [Dominion Grahtwood]
  156. Stros m'lai IS INCORRECT
  157. Malabal Tor - step 520
  158. Guide not showing up in-game
  159. zygor tells me i'm wrong
  160. ToothMaul Ploy - Error message
  161. Veteran Content
  162. error account name is empty
  163. [Bug] Red Rook quest with wrong id or something?
  164. Can't install the guide...
  165. So buggy
  166. Cheating?
  167. bought the guide trouble with getting the arrow
  168. How to click on the Zygor Addon in-game?
  169. Zygor guides mages guilde quest line for dagger fall area
  170. Help Urgent Please : Guide 6-18 Europe (Stonefall)
  171. Updater not updating
  172. Starting Zygor Guides halfway through zone.
  173. 2 problems help needed asap
  174. Disappointed to find out that...
  175. Ebonheart Pact?
  176. Problems with Ebonheart guide
  177. Map Bugging out
  178. Hoarfrost Ring?
  179. Leveling Issue
  180. Guide not auto advancing
  181. Guide updater says another already running
  182. Guide working but Error Message in Chat window.
  183. Feature Requests
  184. Guide not starting where I left off.
  185. Guide starting off saying I reached a certain level
  186. Second playthrough
  187. Different class able to fight solo boss like gut ripper at different levels
  188. 1.0.8962 gives error all the time
  189. Error
  190. Only 2 guides showing up
  191. Bug Report for ESO Guide?
  192. Bug Report
  193. Can't get the Ebonheart Guide to Load
  194. Lorebooks.. suggestion
  195. only 2 guides loading
  196. Guide Problems?
  197. Zygor window not popping up
  198. problem with program not loading
  199. can i switch the pack i baught?
  200. Experimental Zygor Guides Client Broken
  201. Add a BUG Heading for ESO
  202. Skywatch missing NPC Firtoril
  203. Eastmarch (30-35) - Lifeline quest
  204. Eso guide worth the purchase? Buy or not to buy?
  205. Are we going to get waypoints to Skyshards?
  206. AD guide 22-30
  207. 3-7
  208. All quests for a zone?
  209. Chatbox Spam
  210. Problems with Ebonheart pact, started using it at level 21, need help!
  211. After using the zygor guide client for a while it turned back into a folder
  212. Been following the guide since lvl1
  213. How can I hide the "You're not ready to proceed to:" box when I'm lower level.
  214. zygor guides donít work as I Expected
  215. Zygor stopped working
  216. Missing a few steps..
  217. Veteran ranks and the Zygor guide...
  218. How do I sync the guide
  219. Break For Gathering.
  220. Lagging when looting
  221. Cant Skip the next Step?
  222. fix for not auto advancing
  223. Only going up to level 48 Daggerfall
  224. missing quest for ebonheart pact
  225. Has there been interest in furthering the guides to make them like the WoW Guides??
  226. Hours needed.
  227. Ebonheart Pact - Shadowfen Guide Issue
  228. Tool to switch your guides for Veteran Content
  229. Ebonheart - The Rift step 737
  230. Sync
  231. Auridon step 665
  232. Reaper's March Step 107
  233. Finally reached v10
  234. Can't even get started
  235. Levelling tips
  236. Guide Routeing & Layout
  237. Leveling Guide wont update quest have to manually click next step every time.
  238. Anyone else Not seeing an entire Island?
  239. Change log?
  240. My impressions on the guide
  241. Testo updated, now Zygor UI error
  242. Zygor not showing
  243. Quest Not Showing Up
  244. After Update: Invalid Executable Path
  245. I just bought the guide and now im having problems.
  246. Bug Report
  247. Ebonheart guide finishes at level 48
  248. Help Please: Starting Leveling Guide Mid-Way
  249. Trading with other players
  250. Cannot access guide