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Classic guide a mess. And I'm paying for it.

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    Classic guide a mess. And I'm paying for it.

    I'm not really excited about the Classic guide. I have been leveling a NE Hunter and the guide is full of mis-steps, mistakes and bugs. A sample:

    - I'm constantly being annoyed by the pop up that my pet needs Growl lvl 2 training. No hes not: he has the spell already.
    - Running 7 min to an NPC that has no quest for me, although Zygor insists that I should take the quest.
    - Some quests are being skipped entirely.
    - Wrong locations from NPC's
    - The arrow constanly mis-guiding me and letting me walk in loops

    Did you honestly test these guides yourself? If this is not getting an improvement I will be looking out for some other guides soon.

    It's a disgrace. Not what I'm used to from Zygor.

    No response? Time to quit my subscription


      Sometimes this forum can have problems showing new posts to our staff (we're looking into this issue). The fastest way to get a response is to use our live chat feature, or email. I'm sorry to hear you had a poor experience with our Classic guides. The Classic version of the game is more strict and less forgiving with needing to follow the guide in the exact order so if you jumped in at a later level that may have contributed to some of those problems. Quests not being available usually means you missed a prior quest. Quests being skipped shouldn't be happening unless you don't met the conditions for them, such as class quests for a different class. The growl popup issue should be fixed now. Jumping into the guide may have some issues at first until you get fully synced up but once you do there shouldn't be as much. If you encounter a problem you can use the guide feedback feature of the viewer to report the issue and our team will fix it asap.
      Zygor Guides Creative Director