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SWTOR Guide ????

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    SWTOR Guide ????

    I dont know about you guys. But I think it would be a good move by Zygor to seriously think about a guide for other games.

    WoW's heyday is long gone and it is losing its player base. The game will come to an end, and naturally players do get bored and move on.

    The game has lost well over a million subscribers since the Cata launch, and the reviews about the new upcoming expansion have not been met with unendling applause.

    SWTOR since its Decembers' limitted launch has already clocked close to 2 million subscibers without the game even being released in Asia and Australiasia yet.

    While my partner still plays WoW, I have all but stopped completely (which in turn means I will have no need to purchase any upcoming zygor products).
    My current game is SWTOR. I really like it. It reminds me of how WoW was before they started to dumb the game down so a 5yo could play it. Plus the fact that it would be all but impossible to find a person on the planet that has not seen a Star Wars movie - you can relate to the game far better as you know the creatures, sounds, music and storyline.

    Zygor expanding its guide knowledge past WoW would be a good move.

    Branching out into other games is something that is always being looked at. Since SWTOR is still 'new' there is still a 'watch and wait' type of view toward it at this point. Zygor wants to be sure that it's not going to just bomb 6 months after release, so to speak. Rift came out of the blocks looking good but then died off pretty good.
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      With Sony taking EQ2, EQ, and soon Vanguard to F2P, would love to have Zygor type guides for those if possible. Like Trevo, I seldom play WoW anymore making further purchase there not very likely. While those communities had dwindled, the F2P options have sparked a lot of new interest from former players and are bringing in new players. Not a huge Sony fan, but enjoyed revisiting my old EQ toons and the world that I started into MMORPGs with and am currently enjoying the new experience of EQ2. Zygor for other games other than WoW would be AWESOME!


        Hey, it's been eight years since this post was last commented on. As such SWTOR is no longer 'new' but still no guide. I recently quit WOW permanently as such I also dropped Zygor permanently which if they did guides for SWTOR I wouldn't have since I adore SWTOR. I never get bored playing it unlike WOW where no matter how I changed it up I would get bored soon afterward. So my question is: When is Zygor going to do the sensible thing and expand their product line?


          SWTOR does not have any official in game addon support which would be required for the kind of guides we create. As such the possibility of us creating guides for SWTOR is extremely slim.
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