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To steal from Tina Turner: "Your Simply the Best!!!"

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    To steal from Tina Turner: "Your Simply the Best!!!"

    I am simply blown away by all your group does. Seriously, you really are the best. I have been using your guides since they were print-n-read. And all the work you do is insane. I mean, retail guides, classic guides, and TBC guides! I was having issues with Zygor in the TBC. I assumed it was because you hadn't finished it yet (this was a couple of weeks ago when the pre-patch dropped). Today (6/1/21), I logged in to find the same issue (Zygor guide wasn't there, and the icon was a green dot). I got on Zygor, searched "tbc" in support and BOOM someone was having the same issue. Zygor advised of the fix. I tried it and now it works flawlessly!!! For those of you that might be having the same issue, just delete the "classic" Zygor from the "_classic_/interface/addons" folder (here is the link to the actual thread: https://zygorguides.com/forum/forum/wow-burning-crusade-classic-version/zygor-guide-viewer-tbc/185695-getting-the-green-zygor-icon-and-no-guide-will-open#post185706).

    Thanks again for everything!!!!