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My subscription has ended.

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    My subscription has ended.

    I enjoyed using the guides while I had them but I can not find a way to disable the gold guide and, I posted this nearly 4 years ago when I was paying a subscription for all of the guides. I had an 18 month period off the game and returned last month and repurchased an Elite membership which expired a few days ago, but the guides for the stated achievement's were still missing.
    This is one of the reasons I have now cancelled my subscription. I had paid for an incomplete guide and as you can tell Zygor didn't or haven't updated the old expansion guides even though they state that all achievement's are covered within there Professionally made guides. After the recent price hike to $9.99 + $2 tax I doubt I'll be having another subscription in the near future (Unless I win the lottery). Most of the information I was asking for is available on Wowhead now. I could go on about missing achievement's but if they haven't been updated after nearly 4 years from my original post I doubt they ever will be.
    A message for anyone still playing through the BfA Horde War quests Step 109 in Stormsong Valley will tell you to return to Zul'Dazar (and will then keep looping to go to Stormsong Valley). Fly instead to the Waning Glacier then fly to hand in the quest.

    I have tried contacting Zygor via live chat but no one ever seems to be available online to discuss my issue.
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    Keep trying to talk to support they have helpt me in the past with AH guides that were missing and the problem was resolved, now i know what and when to flip the AH