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Thanks to Zygor I can play WOW

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    Thanks to Zygor I can play WOW

    Thanks to Zygor I have something that will tell me what to do and when and how to do it
    id be so lost without it
    my memory is horrible (due to some trauma) so I suck at group things, as ppl assume you should know things eventually (and nothing really sticks in my brain )
    So you will rarely find me in a dungeon or raid (unless I can solo them!) and thanks to Zygor I get to understand how they work
    so now I am walking through them when I can solo, and when I did that a few times and get less nervous about interacting with other ppl I may cue up to run with others (tho that's always different as they tend to do dif routes - skip things .. but then I don't get as lost as quick (+ I can fast forward the guides to match up to what they are doing)

    It helped me to unlock Kul Tiran race (still trying to understand the guide for the mechagnome, but ill get it eventually!)

    I think this was the smartest purchase I made in a long time

    staff sorry I was a bit impatient with today's ticket, please delete it and thank you so so much for already updating the guides <3