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Zygor Guides vs Other Leveling Guides

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    Zygor Guides vs Other Leveling Guides

    Alright, here is your chance to say what you really think about Zygor Guides products and services. If you've ever purchased a guide from a different guide maker, we want to know how Zygor compares. Feel free to say whatever you like about your experiences, which guide you ended up liking better and why, who had better customer service, and anything else you'd like to share. Be sure to mention other products you've tried by name.
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    I have used quite a few guides actually.

    I really have no problem leveling at all, I have been playing for over 4 years now, One reason I look at different guides is basically comparison. Yes, I will admit I use the leveling guide probably all the time just because I am lazy to actually Look up a quest or something along those lines... Anyways about the guides, I used Brian Kopps guide there for a little while, Was a great guide honestly, but then I stumbled across your guide and then found out your guide blew that guide into the water.

    Anywho... plus Brian's guide no longer exists as Zygor probably ran him out of business haha (j/k). I also tried Team ideamise, but their guide is basically a Copy of Zygors in game guide (quests and everything is different) I just mean They "attempted" to try and come close but failed. I have never liked them anyways, Plus when it comes to customer support, they suck!! Period.!!

    Hmm that's about it for guides I have tried, I will stick with Zygor's guide for NOW and probably until I quit WoW, hehe. plus with the new addition to Zygor's guide, you can't go wrong.. really!

    Plus Zygor is always updating everything to his guides which is a BIG +++


      Hmmm.. Soap Box Time!!!

      My view .. one word FREAKEN AWESOME. {smiles}. Never could count. I have used many guides ..and finally found Zygor. These are my views.

      1. Easy down load
      2. Continually supported
      3. Quickly "versioned" in parallel with the game
      4. Never leveled so fast - have done 60, 70, and 80s .. with Zygor at least 25% faster - casually am doing a 'toon to 80 in under 8 "game days".
      5. Simple to use.. minimized frame is awesome
      6. Content to the point and the progress tracking just awesome
      7. The new version, and the enhanced ability to change/modify skin and frame, font, viewing panels, etc. BRILLENT!
      8. Forums, Developer feedback, and general community AWESOME and really adds to the support.

      {takes deep breath}.. yes, I can go on.. but I think the point is made... Thanks Mr. Cook, Developers, Support, and community. None better.
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        Basically I will second everything that the previous two posters have said. I have tried BK's Guide, IDemise's Guide, Dugi's Guide, and the free tour guide. Nothing comes close to the leveling speed and functionality of Zygors. Plus as stated above the support and quick response to patches and bugs is just amazing and not found anywhere else.

        The only complaint that I have, which is the reason I even looked into the other guides, is the dependancy on Cartographer/Tom Tom. I absolutely loathe both of these addons. The only thing the other guides had over Zygor's is the ability to use Carbonite. I believe this is because of the way that they code the waypointing functions inside the LUA. While they all still claim to need Tom Tom/Cartographer, carbonite has been able to emulate the waypoints perfectly. A function that is not present in Zygor's. A lot of people have now moved over to using Carbonite, especially since it went free. And I still feel it would be great to have the ability to utilize carbonites functionality instead of being forced to use cartographer/Tom Tom.

        However, even with the complaint I still have not found a guide that even comes close to Zygors and will be sticking with it for every character I level. My best time 1-80 is 6d 1h game time. Best time with any of the other guides was 7d 21h game time.



          Originally I bought Brian Kopp's guide back in the day. It was a total pain to use. It took me longer to read the guide than to do the quests! I also tried some of the other guides on the market, and I wasn't really happy with any of them. When I got Zygor's guide, I was surprised at how easy it was to use.

          Compared to Zygor's guide, the others were greatly lacking. I have been using Zygor's in-game guide now for a long time, and I just upgraded to 2.0. I can tell you that Zygor's guide is far, far better than any of the others on the market. Not once did it leave me hanging, or lost.

          I'm the admin of WoWGuideOnline.com, a well establish World of Warcraft guide site, and I am a huge supporter of Zygor's guide above all the others. You can count that as an official endorsement!
          WoW Profession Guides 1-450 Profession guides, Raid Guides, and more!


            New Version


            I want to start off by thanking you for your guide and addon. I have used it to level several characters now and I think its best guide on the market. I have tried Joanas, Brians, Jame's, Random free ones, and by far Zygor is the best.

            I just started using the new version and I have to say there are some really nice features. It seems like its highlighting quests I have which ROCKS ASS.



              I have previously used two other leveling guides to date before I picked up Zygor about 2 months ago. I have used Joana's and Brian Kopp's Alliance and Horde Guides. While the guides did provide the information that I needed, I did not enjoy the fact that I had to either Alt-Tab in order to view it, or waste pages and pages to print out. Also, I found that I spent as much or more time reading the guide and then playing. Customer service and support was lacking with these as well when I was using them.

              After downloading Zygor, I found what I had been looking for. The user interface works well, and the new 2.0 look and features are just awesome. The customer support is phenomenal, and having an in-game guide is spot on. Zygor is truly the best leveling guide out there. I will continue recommending this guide to anyone that I have a casual conversation with while playing.

              Thanks guys!


                "The Guide"

                As a real noob to this game i hade to have a guide. Tryed a few and leveled a little bit faster. Lots of questing. Then i got this guide and wow... It´s really good. Awsome... Now my new DK is lvl 74 in about 7 days played time. ( Brewfest, Hallow´s end included and a few instances ) Thats really good i think. The guide work perfect. Not a single problem so far. Best guide.

                Lvl 62 Warrior, Lvl 52 Warrior in no time almost. ( and 2 low lvl rich bank alts, lol... )
                ( tried before "Warcraft Pros", "Team iDemise" )
                Thank you guys.


                  Zygor Guides is the BEST leveling Guide!!

                  Hi I own idemise, Joana's, Brian Koops & Dugi's leveling guides, but zygor's trumps them all.

                  Excellent work on how well it works, how it looks and how easy it is.

                  5 STARS!!!!


                    I made 80 on my first serious Horde toon in 9d18h. Why do I find this impressive?

                    1) I did a ton of instances. (I burned out on questing every now and then - ADD?)
                    2) I PVPed a lot. (Same reason.)
                    3) I leveled Herbalism as I went. (I hate backtracking to level primary professions.)
                    4) I gathered enough herbs to keep Inscription up to speed (Same reason.)
                    5) I sat around a lot talking in /g. (No excuse.)
                    6) I would start surfing the internet with WoW open without /camp-ing. (ADD?)
                    7) I would AFK for 5-10 minutes at a time without /camp-ing.

                    And so forth. And I still managed 1-80 in what many would consider to be a respectable time. I'm working on my second 80 now. The /played time is a little skewed as I spent a lot of time raiding on that toon, but nearly 72 with 6h played so far with heirlooms.

                    Long story short, Zygor's Guide is almost as good as having someone powerlevel you. It's also a lot cheaper and a lot safer. I approve.

                    For the TL;DR crowd - it's better than any other guide.


                      I don't have much to say other than: No other guide compares to Zygor and never will. I've used Joanna's, Brian's and Duigi's. With Duigi's version being in-game, I found it tedious compared to Zygor but was forced to use it for the daily guide he has (and the preparation to get all the dailies which Zygor skips most of in Icecrown)


                        I’ve been playing WoW for about 4 years now. I enjoy making alts but I hate the 1-58 grind that comes with the territory with Pre-Burning Crusade leveling. And as anyone who has played an MMO generally knows, you can quest… but it’s never as efficient as grinding unless the developers specifically build quest-based leveling into the game. (As they did with Burning Crusade and Northrend) After playing for several years you begin to notice that there is always quests you miss in the lower levels. But they are far to scattered to be worth leveling off of because you can't keep track of them or know which ones yield the best XP.

                        Anyway, I decided that I should try out Zygor’s Guide. I figured, if nothing else it would give me structure to have a path I could follow if I had nowhere else to go.

                        Once I gave it a shot with the 1-13 guide on a recently rolled alt, I was floored. I thought I was efficient at leveling. I mean, I’ve done 1-40 about 15 times before. I know Barens like the back of my hand. But the level of efficiency this guide introduces into my game play turns me from an experienced player to a leveling machine.

                        Gone are the days when I would get bored/frustrated leveling a lowbie alt and switch back to my main for the “real” fun. The guide allows me to have Burning Crusade and Northrend level pathing so that I can be prepared for the next zone long before I would have ever considered setting a hearthstone there. I don't need to keep track of all the scattered quests and zones that yield the best XP, Zygor’s Guide does that grunt work for me. It lets me level faster than my guild mates without breaking a sweat. My guild mates actually thought I was doing some serious grinding to be leveling as fast as I was. But no, not one single bit of grinding. Only questing.

                        Simply put, grinding was a grind. Questing with Zygor’s is a breeze. My only regret was not buying it sooner to use on my upper level characters. But I know that once Cataclysm rolls out, Zygor’s will have my back with the best pathing possible for 80-85.


                          Well I really just wanted to leave my comments regarding the horde guide that I purchased 2 days ago.

                          Awesome, easy to follow, and increased my levelling time by around 400%. I was very weary about purchasing a guide, but after taking much time to research, I finally took the plunge, and I am so glad I did now. Awesome job Zygor. I will recommend to all my friends.

                          I decided to start a new toon with the purchase of the guide (I've always wanted a lock :P ) and to get from level 1 - 25 in 11 hours, 37 minutes has just amazed me. On a funny note, a couple of my friends want to know how I have done it so quickly (while a few others r accusing me of hacking the game lol :P ), and of course, I just told them, go check out zygor, then you will know.

                          Well anyways, just wanted to leave this comment to let you know how truly impressed I am with your guide, keep up the brilliant work



                            Hi all,

                            I have to agree, been trying out other guides for 3 years now. Spent a fortune on them only to find out what a big disappointment. Then decided to have one last go and purchased the Alliance Guide by Zygor.

                            All i can say is holy cow, now thats one hell of a guide. I loved it so much, i bought the Horde version as well now and it just keeps getting better and better. To anyone reading this that hasn't bought the guides, then all i can say is what the hell are you waiting for?

                            These guides are totally superior in everyway to anything else out there for World of Warcraft.


                              I've used the Brian Kopp guide before the Zygor guide and still use it for my alliance chars from 1-70 as I am familiar with it. There's no big difference in the leveling speed. But Brian's guide is abandoned, the support was horrible, it has no auto advancing and sometimes you have to read the steps very carefully or you may miss accepting or turning in a quest. This can't happen with Zygor's.

                              One thing I don't like about the Zygor guide is that there are quite many grinding quests included and there is much travelling around at lower levels.