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Zygor Guides vs Other Leveling Guides

This is a sticky topic.
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    Zygor does not break any of Blizzard's rules about AddOns, so it is safe for years to come, macgyver.
    A volunteer Curse Moderator. I write some AddOns too.



      Originally posted by ZG Support 1 View Post
      Alright, here is your chance to say what you really think about Zygor Guides products and services. If you've ever purchased a guide from a different guide maker, we want to know how Zygor compares. Feel free to say whatever you like about your experiences, which guide you ended up liking better and why, who had better customer service, and anything else you'd like to share. Be sure to mention other products you've tried by name.
      Zygor is the BEST....for retail.

      It's the WORST for classic.


        I've used Zygor on and off for years and pretty much nothing else can even come close to it. I use other guides at the same time because of some of the things that Zygor is not currently capable of, such as: Allow the window for the world map to be made smaller and stay on the screen without all of the information on the map turning microscopic to the eye. I also like one guide that shows me proximity sorting.. so the quests from other guides will populate in a tab and be sorted based on my current distance to the quest objective or turnin. That gets very handy when you're quest log is full.

        Thank you for being a great guide provider.


          Originally posted by ZG Support 1 View Post
          That is what our Feedback section is for, so customers can vote on what kind of guides/features they'd like to see. http://www.zygorguides.com/members/feedback
          Remember feedback is only for "Elite" members....


            When that post was made 3 years ago the customer I was replying to was an Elite member.
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              I have been a long time user of both Dugi and Zygor guides...I have the highest subscription to both and have used both at certain times to fully see which one out plays the other.

              Both have some amazing features and time saving functions. I play both retail and classic and can honestly say I might finally be done with Dugi in favor of Zygor based entirely on the fact that Zygor has much much more detailed guides especially in Classic. The waypoints are way better and easily followed where as Dugi has some head scratchers and a lot of poor data when it comes to levelling routes and generally what to do next. I also really appreciate the professions in classic and the efforts you put into them ….Dugi? he hasn't done classic professions yet

              keep up the good work Zygor ..long time player here with a big thumbs up to you all


                I really like Zygor its easy to use I've tried others but nothing compares (sorry forgot their names), I would like to add though it would be nice to have a guide for peeps who purchase a character boost and or a faction change as it's difficult to get the questlines working again, same as a guide for artifact hidden appearances if it's there my apologises I've never been able to find it.


                  I really love the guide. It is easy to use. It helps me make the best use of my play time. I woulld recomend this to anyone. I was not paid to say this. This is my actual views on the guide that I personally paid for with my own hard earned money.