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Classic Review so far...

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    Classic Review so far...

    The leveling aspect of the guide seems to be okay... I guess. I will start with the pros first.

    Accurate quest locations and walkthrough.

    that is basically it.

    Now the cons:
    No dungeon guides
    No profession guides
    No gold making tips... (just tell me what to do)

    Say you want to grind from 20-25 and start back up. When you start the level 25-30 guide there are leftover quests from the level 20 guide that you will need to pick up. You will have no idea about these quests and it will not skip them. Say a quest is nearly impossible to do and provides little to no exp but takes 45 minutes to accomplish... It should not be in the guide it should be skipped and people should be grinding past that area. So far this guide does nothing that Questie doesn't do (questie does it better in terms of where to go for some things... though without a guide arrow or zone change roulette...)

    Their new update has honestly given me hope for that, it seemed before the guides were just a rough draft but now we got more like retail. I recently posted about dungeon guides being added on as well, but there's definitely hope and I imagine it's probably going to be a month or so before it's really in it's peak shape.