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(A) 1-60 WoW Classic

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  • ZG Support 1
    Glad to hear the guides were useful for you.

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  • vallzeh
    started a topic (A) 1-60 WoW Classic

    (A) 1-60 WoW Classic

    I played the guide step by step the whole journey. Although I think my first few levels were pre-revised guides, I still enjoyed it. Leveled a Nightelf BM hunter from level 1-60 and I think the final playtime was around 5 days 19 hours, which is counting AFK time as well as competing for spawns vs other players. The guide is honestly way beyond any expectation I had for it and I am really impressed by the quality. Sure, it's rough around the edges and needs some additional finetuning but for early stages I think it's very good.

    The only cons I can think of is that some level milestones were brutal grind heavy, I don't know if that can be fixed but I am talking about being 40% into the level and being told to grind to next level. At that point dungeons were smart to do and in the end it wasn't that bad.

    Previous to leveling this character to 1-60, I just leveled a priest from 1-60 without using guide and only used Questie. And I can comfortably say that the guide made my life so much easier and time efficient.

    I've used both retail and classic guide, you've earned yourself a subscriber till the day I stop WoW.