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Opinion on Zygor Guides

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    Opinion on Zygor Guides

    To be honest with you I dislike the modernistic interface, I like the Dugi's interface more, but all in all guide is really good. I would recommend it to other people.

    Please make more wowish GUI like dugi has... and it will be 10/10.. now I give it 9/10.


    i auctually like the interface of zygor more then over dugi i used dugi for a year to and im use to zygor interface addon i don't like dugi interface


      As a new user, I have to agree with Ziratul. I used both guides at the same time as a trial in classic, and the minimap Dugi provides, the character model, the find need toon button, the wow style, with clear easy to read layout and the ability to pull up all the steps of the guide by right clicking on the viewer and being able to search for quests in guide are all superior.

      I went with Zygor however for now, because I dislike that Dugi charges a subscription, and then has paid addons in retail, and doesn't include Classic as part of the subscription. Seems greedy to me. Also their forum is a ghost town and they don't have their classic guides as fleshed out with profession yet.

      Also Zygor had this step I was really confused by having me climb a mountain to jump to my death and get a flight point to Menthil Harbor. I thought that had to be a mistake, but followed. I wasn't pleasantly surprised later when it became apparent why.