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Zygor or dugi guides for Classic my 2 cents

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    Zygor or dugi guides for Classic my 2 cents

    I have an elite membership on both sites and have since about 2009.

    I have been happy with Dugi for years but to be honest Zygor has blown him away with content and support. I am considering dropping Dugi now because his Classic content absolutely sucks and its really feeling like he's done with the game honestly.

    The support there hasn't been stellar and there isn't much new content especially for Classic which I play 100% of the time now.

    Zygor has what I need and that's where my best dollar is spent. Perhaps Dugi might shine again with Shadowlands but although I pre purchased Shadowlands I wont be grinding Emissaries or daily quests like we have been doing ..its sad but the retail version is done like dinner imho.

    Honest opinions here.

    The guides are decent but what stands out for me is the AddOn. Without the Addon I would consider Joana, as I'm doing a hunter and he provides additional steps for the pets. Having said that, I still believe that Zygor is ahead of Joana, especially in the later levels. Most of the issues are not that significant.