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Zygor Guides Is The Ultimate Addon for WoW

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    Zygor Guides Is The Ultimate Addon for WoW


    I first started playing WoW back in 2007, and I stopped playing when cata came out. I have been back for a couple months now, and last month I ran across an ad for Zygor Guides on YouTube.

    Getting back into WoW after so many years have gone by, I was lost as to what spec to run, what were the most sought after achievements etc. Zygor Guides helped break down everything for me.

    I was able to level my toons a whole lot quicker, with Zygor leading the way, making sure I never had to back track, always moving me forward so I could level faster. I was able to get from level 1 to 120 in 3 days time.

    I also unlocked some allied races, in less time. All thanks to Zygor Guides. The guides are updated regularly to keep on tabs with all the latest content.

    Never feel lost, or out of the loop again. Zygor Guides as many have said is "It's worth every penny."

    I feel confident going into the next expansion with Zygor Guides.

    Thank you, glad you like the guides!
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