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I love you guys

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    I love you guys

    Well I leveled my Shaman to 80, raided with him, currently nicely geared for ICC, but dps/healing just wasn't that fun anymore. I decided I wanted to tank, so I dusted off the "Create new character" button and made a warrior.

    I blinged him up with the BoA shoulders, chest, axe, and bow (he's going to be dual wielding those 2h axes at 60) and started to level. I got to about 24 and was getting really bored...

    I used questhelper but it just didn't give me the help I needed, so next paycheck I started looking for guides and found Zygor. I started to use it but found that those chain quests were difficult start when i was suppose to be halfway through them, so i went all the way back to the beginning area.

    Sadly i wasted hours of my life doing nothing but grey quests.

    HAVE NO FEAR with this new injection system I plan on leveling my warrior to 80 as fast as possible (LFG system/questing) and can't wait to start tanking. Thank you so much for this guide, I'm glad i could support Zygor and I plan on using it to its fullest power.

    Thanks again for being so damn awesome guys!

    Hey thanks, I'm glad you like the guides! Thanks for your testimonial. :-)
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