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Can some1 explain that ?

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    Can some1 explain that ?

    Hello everyone,

    im quite new to zygor's gold guide and im a little bit confused.
    I already downloaded the zygor app and the settings are correct for my realm (EU , Blackhand)

    I wanted to sell my shadowcore oils, because zygor said "Oh, the price is 39gold right now" (See screenshot)
    But that price is so wrong.
    How can i fix it, so Zygor shows the correct prices? (And yes, even if i rescan that will be the same result, i already did it.)

    I already set up the realm AGAIN
    I restartet the game, my PC and the APP itself
    I rescanned several times

    What am i doing wrong?


    I think sometimes its little bit buggy... now it works after a second restart of the game and the app... but in the chat it keep saying "Server Trends for Blackhand imported, 7 hours old" ... even if i updating the data via app... why?


      The data that is downloaded by the desktop app has 2 parts to it. The trend data and the hourly data.

      The trend data is a rolling 30 day average of the AH prices so that will show up to 48 hours old when you log in. That is perfectly fine. We update the trend data roughly every 2 days since it just contains the rolling average pricing and doesn't need to be updated constantly.

      The hourly data is just that, the ah prices as of the time we pulled the data from the AH API for that server. Depending on when we get the data, process it, and send it to the desktop app and then when your app does the update sometimes that pricing can get to be a little older than 1 hour. The "last updated" time you see on the AH tools indicates when the desktop app last downloaded data, not necessarily the time that data was acquired from the AH API. The hourly data is primarily used to get an idea of what the current prices are on the AH but it is seldom 100% accurate because on a busy server those prices will be changing every minute.

      The gold guide and AH tools will use the combination of the hourly data and the trend data to get an idea of what is currently good deals and then show you those suggestions. The intent is then for you to verify that it is indeed a good deal or the right time to buy/sell and proceed from there. With something that is always fluctuating like the AH it's never a good idea to blindly follow any tool's suggestion without first looking it over, just like you did initially.

      As for that shadowcore oil, I'm not entirely sure why it was thinking it was such a high price unless something was wrong in the hourly data and it thought there were none for sale so was showing the historical average price with a markup.
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        Okay, I think I understand now how the interaction between the app and the game works.
        Let's see if I can improve my gold income a little bit.

        Thank you for the detailed explanation, I appreciate it very much

        So, i think the "problem" is solved. Thanks !