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Suramar quest Fighting on All Fronts"(step 797)

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  • blaa269
    Quest was removed in 7.3.5, skip to step 800 and continue from there.

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  • Zygor Support
    We are already checking into that quest, we will also check into the portal.

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  • rumbletyn
    started a topic Suramar quest Fighting on All Fronts"(step 797)

    Suramar quest Fighting on All Fronts"(step 797)

    After doing the "Siege of Suramar" scenario i didn't get the quest "Fighting on All Fronts" from Khadgar. After turning in the quest "Staging Point" there was no follow up.

    Put in a ticket to Blizzard and got the following answer:
    "So firstly thanks for contacting us about this - I know that these things can be confusing, but this was actually hotfixed so that the quest is no longer needed (as it's not available due to phasing). Instead you can continue the questline by checking the map for other quest icons and then going there "

    Picked the guide up at step 800.

    At step 803 the guide sends to the wrong Portal (Evermoon Terrace) instead to the also available Portal Astravar Harbor.