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Mastering pet trainers

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    Mastering pet trainers

    The guide simply indicates picking up quests from the NPC that starts your journey through whatever continent you select for pet trainers, often when you finish the set, it tells you to accept a quest which simply is not offered. Not even wowhead says what prerequisites exist for continuing the pet track. I am trying to unlock all pet trainers for a fresh account that does not share my pet collection or previous history of pet questing, so I'm completely at a loss just what else is needed. A certain achievement? A certain pet level? Something else completely undocumented even on the spoiler sites? I really don't have a clue.

    Example: Pet Trainers of Kalimdor (Horde). The initial pet quest seems to be gated on getting a pet to L5 then talking to the NPC for the quests, THE NEXT DAY. (Maybe just a relog was necessary?) Same experience for Alliance with Eastern Kingdoms. There is a point in both these quests where you complete a half dozen or so trainer battles (the 3 mechanical pets in Kalimdor for example), then return and turn in your completion. The guide simply says to accept the follow-up quest from this very same NPC to complete the continent (starting with the Ogre you battle just outside Dire Maul). This quest is not offered immediately upon the previous turn-in as the guide prompts you to do.

    I went to the Ogre pet trainer to see if they had anything to do, and indeed they didn't offer a battle, just dialogue. Same with the trainer in Everlook.

    I cannot suggest how to correct the guide as I am at a loss just what does make the NPC offer this quest. Wowhead also says it comes naturally in the chain after turn-in of the previous. They're wrong, and no comments on that site shed any light on prerequisites for the follow-up, just hints on what teams win vs the remaining trainers.

    This guide's helpfulness at its current state is an abject failure to be useful at its current state of development, obviously not having been tested with a fresh account with only a starting collection of pets and no account unlocks for the various continent trainers. Additional tests for achievements, pet collection size, pet levels, etc. appears to be lacking.
    --Unktehila Iksar, Sebilisian Beastlord of Kalimdor

    Have you talked to Varzok in Orgrimmar to see if he has any quests involving battle pets that need to be done? I know that when the battle pets were first introduced back in MoP you had to do a quest line with the trainers in the 2 main faction cities.
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