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Guides load incorrect after login

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    Guides load incorrect after login

    If I have 3 or more guides open whenever I log in to that character it bugs out. When I have a 3rd guide open it takes that 3rd guide and replaces the first guide, for example I currently have the Shaman Order Hall guide as my 3rd guide and the ATG (Non Death Knight) / Sunreaver dailies as my first two, but when I log in it replaces the first guide with the Shaman Order Hall resulting in two Shaman guides being open. The same thing on my paladin, ATG / Sunreaver / Whatever the five valiant guides I have open, when I log in it changes the first guide with the third one.

    At first I thought I was at the correct point in my Argent dailies that it would change over to the next step, but than I noticed my Shaman one taking over also and realised what done it. I couldn't say what happens with 4 or more guides open.

    Suggestion also on Argent Tournament, maybe put all the dailies available to your character in the one guide, the ATG, Sunreaver and Valiant dailies all at once, it would certainly make it easier to have one main Argent guide that just directs you through everything you have for the day instead of swapping between 3 guides.

    Also being able to widen the Zygor window would also greatly help for those that do have more than 2 guides running at once.
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    Have you tested with all other addons disabled to see if you still have that loading issue with the 3rd+ tab when Zygor is the only addon enabled?

    For the window width, you should be able to just grab a corner of the guide viewer window to resize it if I remember correctly off the top of my head.
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      Oh hey you can make it wider, normally there is that icon in the bottom corner that lets you click and drag, I didn't know you could widen the Zygor window, can go up to 7 guides before it starts hiding them under the > arrow. Maybe add an icon to visibly show that the window can be widened.

      Also with the issue of guides loading wrong, I just disabled and re-enabled all my addons and for now it no longer even happens, very weird.