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Leveling guide issues: Draenor Gorgrond, Talador

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    Leveling guide issues: Draenor Gorgrond, Talador

    I have completed all the quests in these two locations, but Zygors shows them as incomplete. When I check why they are incomplete Gorgrond shows that the only thing I haven't done is make an inn my home. I go there and do that, or I mark that step as complete and everything completes. However it still doesn't show as 100% and it is still the same issue. In Talador it says I need to go up a path and the same thing - i mark it as complete, everything goes green and says it completes but when I check it is still showing the leveling as incomplete. This is annoying.

    The completion percentage is not always accurate. When it is checked in the guide selection window it looks at all of the quests in that guide and checks for quest completion. When a step like setting a hearth or following a path are not associated with any quest they sometimes will cause the guide to be marked as not 100% even tho you have completed the guide. As long as you know you have completed the guide you can ignore that completion percentage and just load up a different zone guide.
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