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Lunks Spider Rider Adventure 58.10 ~ 62.34

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    Lunks Spider Rider Adventure 58.10 ~ 62.34

    I’m beginning to feel like part of the family with all my posts.... lol

    Anyways ,,, when I played the quest “Lunk’s Spider Rider Adventure “ at location 58.10 ~ 62.34 after completing the quest the Zygor Arrow did not change over to the next quest. Also Lunk’s way-point still displayed in sexymap. Nothing I did could make it change it. Including removing Zygor and reinstalling it. The Zygor drop down menu appeared to be normal.

    The next quest was “Ash Chicken” about the same location. No way point showed up in Sexy-Map. The Zygor Arrow stayed on Lunk’s Spider Rider .... So I basically WINGED it ... :-)( get it?,, ASH CHICKEN <<Wing It.>> Eh? ..oh,.. never mind...) ... And just walked around till I got my quota of chickens.

    After Ash Chicken everything seemed to settle down and get back on track.

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    Looking at the guide files the step to get the Lunk's Adventure quest and the next step where you do this quest and collect the chickens have the same waypoint coordinates. So if you just wondered about the coordinates being the same this is intended.

    But if the waypoint arrow does not work this is most likely related to SexyMap.
    I remember there are problems with waypoints and SexyMap when it's HUD is turned on or the Minimap turned off or something like that. Never used a minimap replacement so I don't know exactly when the problems occur, if there are other settings interfering with the guide.


      Just to be clear ,,,it was Zygors Arrow that was not changing over, Not TOMTOM's arrow. Tomtom's arrow was not on the screen.

      Thank you for the quick responce. When do you sleep..its 3:14 am?


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          Cabby is right, just making my breakfast forum visit
          I understood correctly that the Zygor arrow stopped working.
          What I don't exactly understand is what happened.
          The steps you mention are directly one after the other. And both have the same coordinates.
          If the arrow stops working and points down to 0 yards and does not show a direction this is related to SexyMap.


            I noticed that error as well.

            Coordinate (arrow) was at the initial position of Lunk. In the mean time, Lunk had moved to where he could help with riding the spiders, which is where the arrow really should point for this quest.

            Later he moves elsewhere again, but the guide handles that correctly.

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              The Zygor arrow was still working ...it was just showing LUNKS SPIDER RIDER start coordinates. After you had compleated the Lunk's quest. It never went to zero or stopped working. Its just stayed on Lunks start quest coordinates.

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              The Devil is in the details.


                OK, now it's getting clear, so simply the coordinates are not correct.
                Apparently there's no further information about coordinates at wowhead so if anyone has better coordinates for this step please post them here. Or the Zygor team have to look into this, i'm off playing my Worgen warrior


                  The coordinates the game used are in my first post here. They will take you to what the game is saying is the correct place to be for Lunks Spider Rider Adventure." And they are correct". You play the quest, it ends, ....BUT! The Zygor Arrow doesn't change coordinates to the "NEXT QUEST". For some reason the Zygor Arrow will not let go of Lunks coordinates. When you go ahead anyways and just do the next quest, ASH CHICKEN and complete it,,,,, ONLY THEN will the Zygor Arrow finally update itself correctly.


                  The Devil is in the details.


                    Doing the spider ride and ash chicken is one step in the guide. So if the coordinates for Lunk are correct but for ash chicken are not then the steps have to be split.
                    But looking at wowhead the chickens are all around so basically the guide is right saying they are around that area as there are no specific coordinates possible:

                    step //10
                    goto 58.1,62.4
                    .from Glassweb Spider##5856
                    .' Lunk will appear next to you
                    .talk 47280
                    ..accept 27959

                    step //11
                    goto 58.1,62.4
                    .from Glassweb Spider##5856+
                    .' Let Lunk ride 7 spiders |q 27959/1
                    .' Click Lunk
                    .get 14 Glassweb Venom |q 27958/1
                    .' Click Ash Chickens |tip They look like little gray birds walking on the ground around this area.
                    .get 8 Ash Chicken |q 27961/1
                    .' Click the Quest Complete box that displays on the right side of the screen under your minimap
                    ..turnin 27959

                    step //12
                    goto 65.1,75.9 |n
                    .' The path up to Margol the Rager starts here |goto 65.1,75.9,0.5 |noway |c