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Holy Pally Gear & Talents

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    Holy Pally Gear & Talents

    Zygor is only showing me DPS gear in Gear Finder, and Talent Advisor does not have a Holy option. Is this something that needs to be configured somewhere? I can't seem to find anything to set this correctly. It would ALSO be nice to specify gear by named dungeon or raid. About to go into an AQ20 and have no way to see what Zygor recommends. //sad face
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    Our talent builds are for leveling and solo questing and we do not have one for Holy pally. If you are going to be raiding you will want to find and use a raiding talent build. Try a site like Icy Veins.

    The gear finder bases the suggestions on the Item Score settings. If it does not seem to be giving you Holy items then try changing the Item Score settings to a different spec and click the button to activate it. Then swap back to Holy and click the button to activate again and then reload the UI.
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      OK. The above didn't work. In the end I had to remove all but healing related stat weights and restart the game/reload ui. The Gear Finder now shows healing gear recommendations. My other ask was the ability to specify which raids to include. At this time most of the guilds do not have the ability to do anything other then Ony, AQ, ZG, and MC. So having items appear on the gear finder that are currently unattainable is not really helpful. Please consider adding a raid selection, similar to how Ask Mr. Robot does it, for the Gear Finder feature. Thanks!