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Cooking + Fishing Guide 1-300 *notation needed*

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    Cooking + Fishing Guide 1-300 *notation needed*

    Step 47 of this guide has you "catch 35 Sunscale Salmon". It should be noted somewhere that day/night cycles apply to this fish in Classic. Sunscale Salmon is caught in DAYTIME with High Noon the best time. You will catch none at night (or very few). Opposite applies to like Nightfin Snapper. Winter Squid is during certain months etc etc.

    Time of day / seasons
    Some fish may only be caught during specific times of day or season. Nocturnal fish can be caught from 6 PM to 12 AM (18:00 - 0:00), diurnal fish from 6 AM to 12 PM (6:00 - 12:00).

    Given examples ( Nightfin vs. Sunscale) can be caught as follows: }
    12.00 till 18.00 99,x% Sunscale
    18.00 till 24.00 50% both (*1
    24.00 till 06.00 99,x% Nightfin
    06.00 till 12.00 50% both (*2
    (*1 in earlier hours this will lean more toward Sunscale and later hours more toward Nightfin)
    (*2 the opposite of (*1 of course

    The salmon is actually part of the guide so it needs to be pointed out. You could also make sure at some point in guide you obtain "Nightfin Soup" (I believe from dude in Tanaris) which has same level as the salmon, and then it wouldn't matter what time you fished Feralas
    Last edited by zion6; 3 weeks ago.

    I will let our team know so they can look at this.
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