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Ashenvale 24-24 stuck on 83% completed including footage

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    Ashenvale 24-24 stuck on 83% completed including footage

    Hello. After several guides from Darkshore to Ashenvale and Stonetalon Mountains. I was able only to complete Darkshore 23-24 and Stonetalon Mountains 22-23 but I cannot complete Ashenvale 24-24. When I completed the https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=10...mental-bracers there are no further progress to complete Ashenvale 24-24 to 100% Will this be addressed?

    That Trek to Ashenvale quest is a breadcrumb quest and may not be available if you've already done some quests in Ashenvale.

    The step to turn in Elemental Bracers is actually the last step of the 24-24 guide. You can manually load the Wetlands 24-27 guide next to keep going. Not sure why it did not pop up the box to have you load it.

    You will sometimes find guides not showing 100% because of things like in this instance where one of the quests it's counting is the turn in for Trek to Ashenvale that you were not able to accept.
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      yes and it causes confusion, because It didn't pop up