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Wetlands 24-27 Step 65 - How to get out of water

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    Wetlands 24-27 Step 65 - How to get out of water

    In the Wetlands 24-27 guide, step 65 that has you jump in the water to get a quest, it would help tons to have directions to get out of the water. It took a while to figure it out, but after I did, the mobs were all too high for me and I ended up dying. That seemed to be the better course of action from the get-go because I was able to rez next to Refuge Point which is where the guide wanted me to go to get the flight path. I probably could have shaved off 25 minutes if the guide had said "drown on the north side of the river then rez next to Refuge Point".

    I think the idea is that your hearthstone should be off CD by the time you get to this point in the guide. At least it was for me.