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SoM Westfall+Death jump into WEtlands

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    SoM Westfall+Death jump into WEtlands

    Hey so for zygor it has you jump to your death to go into wetlands to get the flightpath assuming to get you to darkshore for the leveling guide

    obvious problem if your doing soul of iron/hardcore gameplay

    also another problem is you cant just run there even doing both starter zones because youll be too low so any chance we could get a optional westfall guide in?

    It is possible to get there running at level 10+ as long as you are careful about doing it. A couple of health potions make it even easier since there are only 1 or 2 mobs that you might agro and need to heal quick.

    That said there is a Westfall guide available in the Extra Zones section. It is a standalone guide meaning it's not part of the normal leveling path so if you use that guide you will need to use the smart injection system (3 dots icon ... on the guide viewer) to find a spot in the guide again once you finish Westfall.
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