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Does Zygor work on the PTR?

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    Does Zygor work on the PTR?

    I am currently testing the hardcore realms on the PTR, I was wondering if zygor works on the PTR?

    We do not release any guides for the test servers. You can try to use the normal guides on the test server but there is no guarantee they will work and please do not report any bugs you might see on the test server since the guides aren't designed for there.
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      It doesn't work as-is, but can be made to work with some tweaks.

      No guarantees, but this is what I think I remember doing:
      1) the embedded ZygorGuidesViewerClassic/Libs/AceDB-3.0/AceDB-3.0.lua file makes a reference to the realm's region, which doesn't exist on the PTR. On line 268, change:
      local factionrealmregionKey = factionrealmKey .. " - " .. regionKey
      local factionrealmregionKey = factionrealmKey -- .. " - " .. regionKey
      This just comments out the reference to the undefined region.

      2) ZygorGuidesViewerClassic/Code-Classic/PointerMap.lua line 395: change "SetTopLevel(enable)" to "SetTopLevel(true)", and on line 427 make the same change to SetTopLevel here too.

      There are a few other minor things in the Auction/Gold modules but if I remember rightly, the tweaks above are enough to get the core quest guide viewer to work on the Classic PTR as of today. It'll complain at the start but you can skip them.

      Naturally enough, this isn't an official fix. Try at your own risk if you know what you're doing. If you have any trouble then use the updater's repair function and wait.

      Also beware that AceDB is embedded in a lot of other Addons and if you see the error regarding regionKey in other Lua error traces then you'll have to patch those as well.