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Daily: "Getting out of Hand" - wrong coords

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  • Daily: "Getting out of Hand" - wrong coords

    The daily "Getting out of Hand" https://www.wowhead.com/quest=51127/getting-out-of-hand has the wrong coords. It is 75yds too far to the west. Nearest coords to that point is 60.56 14.78

    --- Player information ---
    Race: BloodElf Class: DEMONHUNTER Spec: Vengeance Level: 120.00 Faction: Horde
    Position: Nazmir ##863 60.56,14.78 (zone:'Nazmir', realzone:'Nazmir', subzone:'Blood Coast', minimapzone:'Blood Coast')

    --- GUIDE ---
    Guide: Nazmir World Quests
    Type: DAILIES Parsed: yes Fully: yes
    Startlevel: 120 Endlevel: nil

    --- STEP ---
    map: Nazmir#863 /0
    floor: 0
    current_waypoint_goal_num: 1
    needsreload: false
    isFocused: true
    level: 0
    beta: false
    (incomplete, POSSIBLE, not aux)
    1. "Become the Hand of Fate"
    action: invehicle
    dirtytext: true
    prepared: true
    was_clicked: false
    future: true
    was_visited: false
    map: Nazmir #863 /0 0.5911,0.1478 (no dist)
    quest: "Getting Out of Hand" ##50559 (no goal) - quest in log (id: not completed)
    Status: incomplete (incomplete, POSSIBLE, 0 progress, not aux, '1' WARNING)
    2. <?>
    dirtytext: true
    tooltip: Use the "Scroll of Fate's Hand" ability.
    prepared: true
    was_clicked: false
    was_visited: false
    Status: passive (not completable)
    3. <?>
    dirtytext: true
    tooltip: It appears as a button on the screen.
    prepared: true
    was_clicked: false
    was_visited: false
    Status: passive (not completable)

    -- Travel Route --
    1. [2908] "Nazmir 60,14" = Nazmir 863 /0 60.5,14.8 [start] (closed) (context:start_start__fly_end) (tot t=0.0/0.0)
    2. [2907] "Nazmir 59,14" = Nazmir 863 /0 59.1,14.8 [end] (closed) (mode:fly from [2908]) (context:fly_end) [my t=2.6/2.6] (tot t=2.6/2.6) (waypt: Become the Hand of Fate)

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    We'll check into that.
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      Thanks :-)