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Guide for heirlooms?

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    Guide for heirlooms?

    Does Zygor have any guides on how to obtain heirlooms, especially Man'ari Training Amulet, Admiral Taylor's Loyalty Ring and Captain Sander's Returned Band?

    We do not have guides specifically for the heirloom items. The vast majority of them are able to be purchased with gold in either Ironforge or Undercity. If the heirloom is a reward from an achievement then that achievement guide would help you to get it. If it's a world event reward (i.e. Dread Pirate Ring) there is most likely an event guide that you can use to get it.

    For the items you mentioned, Admiral Taylor's Loyalty Ring and Captain Sander's Returned Band are both rewards from Shipyard missions in your garrison (WoD). You can use the garrison guide for the shipyard to make sure you have it up and running and after that it's just a matter of doing your shipyard missions every day and waiting to get lucky to get The House Always Wins and For Hate's Sake shipyard missions and complete them successfully. The Man'ari Training Amulet is similar but is a reward from the Assault on Felfire Armory mission from your Legion class hall mission table. Just doing the normal Class Hall guide will make sure you have your class hall mission table unlocked and from there it's just running the missions daily and waiting for that one to pop.
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      Thanks, I appreciate the tips on how to obtain these mission heirlooms.